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Why religious wars happen.

The incident at Gaza has taught me one thing: when people see ‘one of theirs’ dying at the hands of ‘one of others’, it strikes a herd mentality in the minds of even the brightest and the best, and people will rush to defend their own or demand justice from the ‘others’ that have caused the grievance. As Erdogan and Peres slam each other on the international sphere and Anwar Ibrahim, our de facto national leader for the Opposition Front, cheers Erdogan on in his blog, what becomes evident is that even the brightest of the godly is not exempt from rushing to war at the (perceived) call of God. The difference is only in whether one opts a weapon of missiles or a weapon of words. A jihad, after all, has three levels: the second is a jihad of words (dakwah) and it is only the third and final jihad that is one of weapons.

Although the basis of some of this battling may be found in each religion’s respective Scripture, the reason for this is actually easier, simpler, and thus deadlier than anything that can be found in Scripture. Religions offer an identity that transcends all other forms of identification an individual may associate himself or herself to. It is the identification that is easiest to slip in, and psychologically the hardest to slip out of. Whereas one cannot choose one’s ethnicity and has little choice in choosing one’s nationality, one chooses the beliefs that one holds on to, and if it is a well-institutionalized one such as the Big Three, one is also opting to enter an international, border-crossing sense of identification. It is no coincidence that both Christianity and Islam already identified this border-crossing sense of unity among believers in the language of their respective faiths; in Christianity all believers are part of the ‘body of Christ’ — united despite differences — whereas in Islam all believers are part of the ummah. This (the sense of identification, not the fact that these religions recognize it) means that religious identification is perhaps the most powerful force of identification that can be conceived by the human imagination.

It is within the eschatologies of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — beliefs that blend and siphon off each other, and sometimes setting each other at odds with one another — that the location of Israel and Palestine will play a major role in the end of the world. You do not need prophets to tell you this sort of thing, of course. The location is the point of identification of three major religions and has been, for centuries, the point of contention for all three. Anything that happens there will lead to a domino effect around the world, as Jews, Christians and Muslims begin to define themselves first and foremost as Jews, Christians and Muslims instead of anything else that they are. And they will fight — not by order of their religion (though some of it exists) — but simply because they see that ‘you, outsider, have hurt someone of my own’.



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